Extracting Fact is designed to help you stay up-to-the-minute on issues affecting energy policy, production, and the future of our state.  It is an effort of Californians For Energy Independence (CEI), a coalition of individuals and organizations that support domestic energy with financial support from CIPA.

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AB 345 Would Cost Billions and Blindly Undermine Regulatory Process

The statewide setbacks bill would cost California $4 billion in lost revenue, expose the state to expensive legal liabilities, and undercut health and safety regulations being established by experts at CalGEM. Read more.

New Data Confirms VC Economy Can’t Afford General Plan Changes

Of course, the economic damage brought by COVID-19 has only added to the challenges in Ventura County: new data shows that half of all low-income workers in the region have lost jobs or faced reduced wages in recent months. More than 106,000 Ventura County residents filed unemployment claims between March 1 and mid-June, raising the region’s unemployment rate from under 4% to 13.5% in a matter of weeks. Read more.

Governments at Every Level Recognize Oil and Gas as Essential

Local production of oil and gas has helped to secure California’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, powering essential services like healthcare, emergency response, food and water production and delivery, and communications infrastructure.

Despite radical activist calls to deny Californians access to our state’s abundant energy resources and instead import more of our needs from overseas, every level of government in California has declared all elements of the oil and natural gas supply chain as critical. Read more.


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