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The California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) is a non-profit, non-partisan trade association representing approximately 300 independent crude oil and natural gas producers, royalty owners, and service and supply companies operating in California.  Our members represent approximately 70% of California's total oil production and 90% of California's natural gas production. Since 1976, when the Independent Oil & Gas Producers' Association merged with the California Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association to form CIPA, the association has kept the political, regulatory and public policy interests of independent oil and gas producers at the forefront of its agenda. CIPA represents the diverse interests of its membership before the California State Legislature, the United States Congress and numerous federal, state and local regulatory agencies.  The association is an advocate of free market principles, eliminating duplicative regulation, stimulating recovery of domestic resources and improving the industry's public image.

Our Mission

The mission of the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) is to promote greater understanding and awareness of the unique nature of California's independent oil and natural gas producer and the market place in which he or she operates; highlight the economic contributions made by California independents to local, state and national economies; foster the efficient utilization of California's petroleum resources; promote a balanced approach to resource development and environmental protection and improve business conditions for members of our industry.


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Royalty and Mineral Rights OWNERS

Royalty and mineral rights owners have a vested interest in the misguided policies debated at the State Legislature that can hurt their personal livelihood.  Two statewide organizations help keep royalty and mineral rights owners educated and mobilized against policies that can limit domestic production in California.

  • National Association of Royalty Owners - California Chapter (NARO - California) Click here for more information.
  • Concerned Mineral Owners of California (CMOC) To learn more, please send your address and phone number to ProtectMineralRights@gmail.com. There is no membership fee to join.










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