Legislative Issues

CIPA represents California oil and gas producers, service and supply companies, and royalty owners in legislative and regulatory issues at the Federal, State and local level.  CIPA aggressively promotes the industry and educates legislators, regulators, and the general public about the issues of the day.

CIPA will take a detailed inventory on bills that impact the industry as well as consider a proposal or two that will assist upstream production.

There are a number of “spot bills” that have been introduced. A spot bill is a measure that is not a complete product as of the time it was introduced. Moreover, it is a skeleton which the author or authors have intention of moving through the process but has yet completed the full intent of the measure. Spot bills have been held by the author in many instances to become compromise measures or they are used to respond to another proposal the author may be opposed to and would like to promote their particular direction on a legislative issue.

To date, CIPA will monitor a few spot bills that will likely be a part of the debate in the Natural Resources Committee. Specifically, AB 151, by Los Angeles Democrat Autumn Burke, and co-authored by Assembly Member Jim Cooper and freshman Assembly Member Blanca Rubio, intends to address Greenhouse Gas reduction (GHG).  Another bill to watch is AB 302, authored by Carson Assembly Member Mike Gipson, which focuses on how the state spends money on programs intended to reduce GHG. 

Another bill of interest is AB 378, introduced by Assembly Members Cristina Garcia and Eduardo Garcia (no relation) and co-authored by several left-leaning liberal policy makers. The bill is purported to require the California Air Resourced Board (CARB) to consider and account for the social costs of the emissions and greenhouse gases when adopting those rules and regulations. Once again, the debate will focus on how this measure gives sweeping authority to a regulatory body and what are the benefits (if any) to continue to allow bureaucrats to perform implementation tasks that are the responsibility of the 120 member Legislature.

In addition to the bill deadline that will produce a number of bills, CIPA will analyze all measures throughout the “budget trailer” process and the “end of session gut and amend” process. In addition to CIPA’s proposals and suggestions for amending bills, membership will take an active role in all measures this session relating to issues including Cap & Trade, underground injection control (UIC), abandoned/idle wells and the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility.

To view the list of bills that CIPA is monitoring, click here.  (Log in required, Members only content)