Hydraulic Fracturing: Domestic production, which recovery techniques such as hydraulic fracturing, is key to energy independence and affordable energy. California consumes all the oil and gas generated in-state, but demand forces us to import more than 60% of our energy. Growth in alternative energy sources will help meet some future demand, but as long as oil is necessary, it should come from local sources rather than from countries like Russia and in the Middle East with fewer regulations and environmental protections. Visit this website, Californians for Energy Independence, for more information.

  • Click here for a fact sheet setting the record straight about myths regarding hydraulic fracturing.
  • Click here for a fact sheet on the impacts of banning domestic energy production.
  • Click here for a fact sheet about how banning production will increase our dependence on imported oil.

Fossil Fuel Divestment: Universities and experts across the country agree that the costs associated with divestment are likely to be enormous, resulting in the displacement of billions annually from school endowments, hundreds of millions in new compliance and management fees, and new threats to the financial well-being of institutions and future generations of students – all while having no tangible impact on the companies targeted by this campaign. For more information, visit this website, brought to you by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), which is part of a broader outreach campaign dedicated to educating the public and institutions alike on the facts about divestment.

Oil Severance Tax: An oil severance tax would impact Californians through higher energy costs. Californians consume all of the oil produced in the state, so higher oil taxes could be passed on directly to consumers. We may not just pay more at the pump; we could pay more for goods and services that rely on oil and gas – like food, energy and transportation. Click here for more information.

Energy in Depth: CIPA brought in Energy in Depth (EID), a program started by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) to bring forth fact-based evidence about oil and gas production. On the EID website,, more than 100 blog posts have been published on a variety of energy production topics.


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