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What is EnergyNet?



  EnergyNet offers its clients a pure internet auction community.  EnergyNet was the first server-based Real Time internet oil and gas property auction service in which clients are brought together to buy and sell oil and gas properties, leases and minerals.  The EnergyNet service permits SELLERS to list properties for sale with a reserve price, BUYERS to bid on properties of interest, and all EnergyNet users to browse through property due diligence data in a fully automated service that is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Through EnergyNet, clients can buy and sell oil and gas properties without leaving their home or office.  Headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, EnergyNet has representatives in Houston, Dallas and Midland, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Denver, Colorado.

The EnergyNet principals have more than 30 years experience in the oil and gas business, and have been active in the acquisition and divestiture, exploration and production, producing well operations, drilling, geologic engineering and land management.  EnergyNet is a registered Broker/Dealer in 43 states with the NASD and was named Best of The Web by Forbes Magazine.



The EnergyNet/CIPA Alliance



EnergyNet’s alliance with the California Independent Petroleum Association creates value for both CIPA’s members and the Association.
EnergyNet wants to give back to the organization which serves California producers.
Through a special arrangement between EnergyNet and CIPA,
EnergyNet has agreed to donate a percentage of each commission it receives from a CIPA seller back to the organization.


The EnergyNet Advantage


Maximizes Divestment Return
Lower Commissions
No Failure Fee
Unprecedented Due Diligence
No Canceled Auctions
Easy to Bid – Easy to Sell


Founded in 1999, EnergyNet has created the market that provides liquidity for all types of oil and gas properties including Operated and Non-Operated Working Interests, Overrides, Royalties, Leases and Minerals.


Statistical History


To date, EnergyNet reports over a Billion in sales transactions completed, 39,000 properties sold, 17,000 active bidder registrations, 3,900 active registered sellers and $3+ Billion in bid allowances.
EnergyNet Maximizes your Divestment Return


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The EnergyNet Advantage



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