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What are CIPA Solutions?

CIPA Solutions are a "bonus" opportunity for service and supply companies that sponsor the 2022 Annual Meeting at the $5,000/Silver Star level or higher.

  • Each opportunity will consist of a 5-minute live or prerecorded video presentation on stage at one of the General Sessions on Friday, June 10 or Saturday, June 11, 2022, highlighting the sponsor’s unique product, service, or value proposition.
  • The key point is that the presentation, whether live or prerecorded, must be exactly 5 minutes or less. PowerPoint presentations, if used, must be set to a timer no longer than 5 minutes.
  • When the timer ends, the speaker's time is up. No more talking; no Q&A.

There will be no more than THREE total CIPA Solutions presented at AM22.


How do we participate?

Service and supply companies must sponsor AM22 at the $5,000/Silver Star level or higher and be one of the first three companies to select the "CIPA Solutions" option when registering.

  • Your sponsorship must be PAID in full within 30 days and no later than May 2 (whichever comes first) to confirm your CIPA Solutions spot.
  • Your company must be an Associate Member of CIPA in good standing at the time of the Annual Meeting.
  • If your company participates in a CIPA Solutions opportunity, your on-stage presenter must still register and pay to attend AM22, as usual. Beyond that, there is no additional fee or cost to participate.
  • You still get all of the other benefits that come with your level of sponsorship.
  • When all three CIPA Solutions spots are taken, we will start a waiting list in case a spot opens later.


If we secure a CIPA Solutions spot, then what?

  • Decide whether you want to present in person or by prerecorded video.
  • Prepare your presentation: create your visuals, practice your delivery, rehearse your timing.
  • Record it on video (iPhone is fine), if you do not plan to present it live.
  • Email either your FINAL PPT FILE with your timed slides OR your PRERECORDED VIDEO to Laura Wilkin by noon on FRIDAY, MAY 29.
  • We will have your presentation queued up and ready for the assigned General Session.

Still have questions? Please contact Laura Wilkin.











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