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Producers: Annual dues are based on prior year production of oil and gas as reported to California Geologic Energy Management Division at the following rates: $0.18 per barrel of crude oil and $0.024 per mcf of natural gas. Please enter your production from last year in the space below. New producers should use their average barrels or mcf per day to estimate annual production.

To estimate your dues: Multiply your barrels/mcf produced yearly by the charge per barrel and/or mcf.

40,000 bbl x $.18 = $7,200 oil production dues
85,000 mcf x $.024 = $2,040 natural gas production dues
==> $9,240 Total Dues

Minimum producer dues: $2,175.  Dues that calculate to more than $200,000 per year may qualify for a special tiered dues structure. Please call CIPA for complete details and dues calculations.

Oil Production (prior year total)
Gas Production (prior year total)
Associate Members: Dues are based on the number of employees within your organization. Please check the number of employees within your company.


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