Legislative Activities


CIPA represents the interests of its membership before the California State Legislature,
the United States Congress and numerous federal, state and local regulatory agencies.


Current Legislative Activities
US CO2 Emissions Drop to 1990 Levels
White House Delays BLM Draft HF Rule
The Economic Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing
Federal Draft Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations Released
CIPA Members Descend on Washington 
EPA Introduces Hydraulic Fracturing Air Regulations 
Obama Natural Gas Task Force Announced 
CIPA Weighs in On Offshore Drilling 
Severance Tax Proponent Running for Congress 
U.S. Oil Production Expected to Increase in 2012 
House Passes American Energy Bill
Obama Budget Raises Taxes on Oil and Gas Production
California Ranks Dead Last for Oil Investment
House Panel Approves Offshore California Drilling
Hydraulic Fracturing Study
Federal Call-Up Talking Points
Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations for California Announced
Proposed Split Roll Task Force Legislation
New Severance Tax Initiative Filed
New Poll Shows Voter's Disdain for State Mandated Higher Costs
2012 Assessors Price Projections
Pavley Notification/Hydraulic Fracturing Bill Moves Forward
CARB Delays Mandatory Reporting Deadline
Brown to Consider Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations, No Severance Tax
Highlighted Tax Bills in 2012 Legislative Session 
North Dakota to Exceed California in Oil Production
SLC Sponsors Legislation to Change Quitclaim Requirements
Santa Barbara County Severance Tax
CARB Releases 2010 GHG Report
2011 State Call-up Talking Points