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Member Dues:

Producer members: annual dues are calculated on prior year production of oil and gas (as reported to California Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources) at 3.9 cents per barrel of crude oil and .52 cent per mcf natural gas.  Minimum Dues = $425; Maximum Dues = $25,000*.  (Multiply your barrels/mcf produced yearly by the charge per barrel or mcf. e.g.: 40,000 bbl x .039 = $1,560.00 dues or 80,000 mcf x $.0052 = $416.00 dues)  *Dues that calculate to more than $25,000 per year fall into a special tiered dues structure.  Please call CIPA for complete details and dues calculations.

Associate members: (service and supply companies) annual dues are based on the total number of employees within whole the company:

       1-15 employees = $300        16-50 employees = $425        50 or more employees = $550

Royalty Owners: (individuals only; a company may not join under this category) annual dues are $150.

There is also a one-time initiation fee of $25.

Membership includes:

  • The Monday Morning Report (MMR) weekly e-newsletter
  • One free 120-word advertisement in the MMR, in the form of an article titled, “CIPA Welcomes New Member [your company name]”
  • Current-year Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide, with contact information for all our member companies
  • A listing in next year’s Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide
  • Member-pricing at all of CIPA’s events

Note that memberships are company-based; when a company joins, all employees within that company are considered members.

Membership Application:

Click here for the online CIPA Membership Application.  You can submit this online and then you will be contacted by phone for payment information.

Click here for a pdf version of the CIPA Membership Application to mail in with your check.

Would you like more information on CIPA?  Click here for an Information Request Form .