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About CNGPA 

The California Natural Gas Producers Association (CNGPA) was formed in 2000 as a subsidiary of the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA).  As a non-profit trade association, CNGPA’s primary purpose is to represent and increase awareness at the state level about California’s independent natural gas producers.

Members of the CNGPA are also given full membership in CIPA at no additional cost. Founded in 1976, CIPA is a non-profit, non-partisan trade association dedicated to representing the interests of independent oil and natural gas producers, royalty owners and service and supply companies operating in California.

CIPA and the CNGPA represent the diverse interests of its membership before the California State Legislature, the United States Congress and numerous federal, state and local regulatory agencies.  The association advocates free market principles, eliminating duplicative regulation, stimulating recovery of domestic petroleum resources and improving the industry’s public image.  Both CIPA and CNGPA welcome all individuals and companies with an interest in maintaining the viability of California’s independent producers to join its ranks.

Mission Statement

The California Natural Gas Producers Association (CNGPA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to representing the interests of independent natural gas producers operating in California.  The association’s mission is to increase public awareness about California’s natural gas resources and to affect policy at the legislative and regulatory level that would have an impact on California producers.  The association is governed by a nine-member board of directors which sets the agenda and direction of the association.  The CNGPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIPA.

The CNGPA is governed by a nine-member board of directors that sets the agenda and direction of the association.  The association’s quarterly meetings are open to all members of the association.  The association has three officers, a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. 
Legislative Monitoring & Advocacy
With the input of the board and general membership, CNGPA introduces legislation each year designed to promote and increase the production of natural gas within California.  The association maintains an active watch on legislation at both the state and federal levels while keeping members abreast of legislative, environmental and regulatory issues that affect the natural gas producing community. 
Education and Public Awareness
One of the CNGPA's principle missions is to inform and educate the public, regulatory agencies, and key decision makers at all levels on the importance of California's natural gas industry and the contributions the industry makes to our economy.  In addition, the association is focused on heightening awareness about the issues affecting the industry at the local, state and federal levels.
Member Publications

The CNGPA, in association with CIPA, publishes a weekly newsletter. The Monday Morning Report (MMR) provides members with current information on environmental issues, current legislation, and upcoming events and seminars. The publication offers members the opportunity to advertise services and job openings at a reduced rate.

In addition to the weekly newsletter, CNGPA and CIPA publish an annual membership directory and buyers’ guide.  The directory lists current CIPA/CNGPA members by both company and contact names. In addition, associate members have the opportunity to receive a complimentary listing in the buyers’ guide section of the directory.  This publication is available to members in an electronic format upon request.

Special Events & Networking Opportunities
Although the CNGPA was formed primarily to provide advocacy information to its members, the association does hold an annual golf tournament each year in the spring. In addition, each year at CIPA’s annual meeting, a variety of qualified speakers are invited to address natural gas issues of immediate concern to California’s producers.
Need More Information? Contact P. Anthony Thomas, CNGPA's Executive Director, or click here to go to the CNGPA website.